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Plot Summary:Baritone singer Barry Glendon, completing a successful season in opera, departs for his ranch in the west over the objections of his manager Tony. Arriving there with his double-talking friend Shorty, Barry learns that a parcel of his vast ranch has been fraudulently sold to Carol Marland and her ailing (and tiresome) young brother Johnny. Pretending he is only the foreman, and having his cowhands go along with it,Barry allows Carol and her whining, growing-ever-more-tiresome brother to believe that they are the actual owners in order to give him a free hand in running down the swindlers who victimized Carol who, with a brother like hers, was a victim to begin with.Barry learns that brothers Clem and Jonas Allen are the villains and,through a ruse in which they are led to believe there is a hidden treasure on the land they sold Carol, they try to buy it back bidding against Barry, who forces the price up.The Allens end up with a high-price piece of worthless land and Barry ends up with Carol,which would be a good deal except her brother is still around.