The Gift: Life Unwrapped(2007)

又名:The Gift: At Risk


主演:Elana Krausz Vince Vaughn Dani 

导演:Elana Krausz 


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酷云影视为您提供2007年由Elana Krausz Vince Vaughn Daniel McDonald 主演,Elana Krausz 导演的《The Gift: Life Unwrapped》/原名《》/又名《The Gift: At Risk》电影在线观看,《The Gift: Life Unwrapped》百度云网盘资源以及《The Gift: Life Unwrapped》高清mp4迅雷下载,《The Gift: Life Unwrapped》BT下载,希望您能喜欢!

Plot Summary:THE GIFT combines a romantic tragedy and an experiment in modern technology. It fuses 35mm footage from an unreleased film called AT RISK with new footage shot on HD (using both the Sony HDW-F900 and the Canon XL-H1). The unreleased film is a cautionary tale about infidelity and the spread of HIV. Its observations, fears and anxiety reflect the general hysteria of its time. The new material brings a modern perspective, the effects of the disease as its passed through new generations, and a storyline that infuses lyricism and melodrama.