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Plot Summary:Lawyer Roberto Montes is engaged to Alicia Candón, who became his ward following the death of her father/his friend, whose estate he handled for her. Although he loves Alicia, Roberto isn't sure, the longer their engagement progresses, if she truly does love him and just doesn't want to tell him otherwise with she perhaps coming to the realization that her initial feelings for him were more gratitude than romantic love. He also suspects that she has really fallen in love with someone closer to her own age, perhaps the young man they ran into at the department store. Roberto's suspicions are indeed true, the young man up-and-coming artist Carlos Alcalde. Complications ensue in the love triangle when a young woman, Ana Silva, is found dead of a gunshot wound in Carlos' studio, Carlos who vows he did not kill her and does not know who did. She was an old flame of his who was stalking him. Alicia is able to convince Roberto to take Carlos' case. How Roberto decides to defend him takes into account his love for Alicia, knowing that Alicia and Carlos are in love with each other, and a secret about Ana's death about only he is aware. What may further complicate matters in the trial are a misdialed telephone call, and an errant woman's hat, man's coat and man's glove found at the murder scene and the identity of each of these item's owner.