The Daughter of the Clown(1911)



导演:Georges Denola / 


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Plot Summary:In the Music Hall, the clown and his daughter are both playing. The daughter, a popular girl, has been invited out after the show by an admirer, and the father, learning of this, follows her. As she is about to enter the motor car, to be driven to the rendezvous, she is struck by another automobile and killed. This so works upon the old clown that he goes into retirement. Six months later, he sees a country girl, who bears a remarkable resemblance to his daughter. So remarkable indeed, that he insists upon her coming to his house, where she dresses in the dead girl's theatrical costume. With a rush, all the old memories return to the clown and he goes through his old pantomime for the last time, dying in the arms of the girl who brought finally a little sunshine in his life.